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SCMP Christmas Shoppers’ Guide has been launched!

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SCMP Christmas Shoppers' Guide 2010 has been launched!

We have just completed a project for the South China Morning Post, one of Hong Kong’s main English-language newspapers. Every Christmas, they publish the SCMP Christmas Shoppers’ Guide to aid consumers in browsing shopping offers during the holiday season. But this year, they decided to develop an online equivalent of the hard copy shopping guide, and they hired us to do it.

After 2 months, the site has gone live at christmas.scmp.com where you can see it in action.

SCMP Christmas Shoppers' Guide web design

You can easily browse the shopping offers in the gallery or by category (beauty, restaurants, books, etc) and location (Causeway Way, Macau, etc), and even view the hottest offers (Christmas dinner, wine offers, etc).

Specific functionality includes coupon downloads (with logging mechanism), an order form where merchants can book an ad spot, and a “My Favourites” list that lets you easily bookmark offers.

We built the entire website using WordPress as the CMS, with the theme custom-built from scratch along with some plugins and the usual suspects like the jQuery slider and the dropdown mega-menu that the client really likes from Sparklette.

SCMP Christmas Shoppers' Guide website footer

To bring in that whole festive feel, we sprinkle in familiar Christmas icons such as using a snow globe with a house for the Home icon, the fir in the site footer, and a dash of Christmasy colors.

The whole process has been amazingly smooth-sailing, which is incredible considering that we were working exclusively from our office in Singapore the whole time, while the client is based in Hong Kong! O bless modern technologies and Skype.

SCMP web design client testimonial

At the conclusion of the project, the client sent us a few hard copies of the shopping guide which they have adapted the design from the website, along with a handwritten note of appreciation. You are welcome!


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Veron Ang is a , developer and WordPress expert at Sparklette Studio. She has been building websites for as long as she can remember, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore.

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