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The Easiest Way to Run IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 at the Same Time

Published by Veron Ang | 11

Update: The Browser Sandbox no longer supports IE. I am now using IETester to run the different IE versions instead.

The Easiest Way to Run IE6, IE7, IE8 & IE9 at the Same Time

As web developers, we constantly face the challenge of making websites cross-browser compatible. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) usually proves the biggest hurdle due to its quirks of rendering websites differently across its versions of IE6, IE7, IE8 and possibly IE9.

Most of us have only one version of Internet Explorer installed on our computer at any one time. Some of us install virtual PCs to use the different versions. Others resort to running to coworkers’ workstations with another IE version. But here’s a quick and easy way to run IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 on the same computer at the same time.

The Browser Sandbox allows you to run popular web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and of course IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 side by side.

  1. Visit the Browser Sandbox.
  2. Select a browser by clicking its corresponding green launch button.
    Note: You would be prompted to sign in or create a free account if you haven’t.
  3. The buffering process starts. Wait for it to finish and the browser will launch automatically.
    Note: If you are working with that particular browser/version for the first time, you may be prompted to install a plugin.

So far I find this the simplest way to test a site on IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9, and have yet to notice any discrepancy in the rendering between this and the locally installed IE. Fellow developers, how do you usually test your projects on Internet Explorer?

About the Author

Veron Ang is a , developer and WordPress expert at Sparklette Studio. She has been building websites for as long as she can remember, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore.


  • Well, I use Adobe’s Browser Lab (http://browserlab.adobe.com), its free and it allows you to run even older versions of Firefox and Safari. IE6/7/8 are in the mix too.

  • Apparently Microsoft asked that service to remove IE browsers. Yet another reason to stop supporting IE products!

  • Now that this service no longer supports IE, I am using IETester to run the different IE versions instead.

    • How about now? I need IE9 in order to run an application and I don’t want to remove IE 11 on my Win 7 64-bit box.

      Thank you.

  • IE 6 is no more ! i think get rid of this broser is the best thing in the world ! i hate IE 6

  • great little tool, great for website that do not work with the newer browsers

  • Greeeeeeaaaaaaattt!!!!



    Andre Pedroso

  • NIce and cool tool ……

  • Or you can just create a seperate profile and put -P “UserProfileName” -no-remote

    after the target line and run 20 diff versions of firefox/IE whatever version or browser. I have 15 different versions/web browsers on my desktop.

  • Evidently IE and Browser Sandbox worked it out because I just used IE8 from their console and worked out an annoying problem I was having with the tinyMCE that worked great in IE9 and failed totally in IE8.

  • Please clear up best sugestion I have I8 on my computor do I install IE 9 with it or what is correct way to load, what is best to load with XP pro 32 bit?
    AES Please reply all?

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